General Liability Waiver

Welcome to Tabernacle Farm.  We love having visitors to the farm to see our farm animals.  As you probably already know, animals are subject to erratic behavior at any time and without warning.  This could cause harm or inury to our visitors.  While it is very unlikely that something would happen, the insurance people want to make sure "us and them" are not liable and won't be sued to oblivion.  This waiver is required for each adult age 18 and over.  Minor children are included on the waiver of their parent or legal gaurdian.  We're sorry this is necessary, but the world ain't what it used to be.

Click the link below to view the waiver.  Once the waiver is open, press CTRL-P or click the printer icon in the toolbar to print it.  Print and complete a copy for each adult wishing to interact with the animals on our farm.  Bring it with you when you visit us.


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