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Buddy is a semi-defective fainting goat. He has been wethered. He is solid white with the most gorgeous long white beard. He thinks he is the KING of the field and wants to bully the smaller goats. He overall is very gentle and will eat out of your hand and allow us to pet him.


Billy goat given to the farm by someone who could not keep it any longer. Oink got his name from the sound he makes. He is very affectionate on will come right up to you to be scratched and petted.

Kim and Rachel

Twin sisters we got from Ashby Goat Farm.


Jack is a handsome fainting billy goat. He has been wethered as we will be getting a new intact fainting billy.


Imogene is a pygmy goat, the larger, hardier version. She loves to climb, play with the other goats, and pester you for treats. Stop by the farm and get to know Imogene.


Laverne arrived on the farm along with Imogene and Shirley. They will be used to produce baby goats to be born in the spring. She's getting friendlier by the day and looks forward to someone, anyone, to bring her a treat.


Shirley is a hardy pygmy goat who will be used to produce baby goats in the spring. Oink will be the dad, at least that is the current plan. Shirley like to eat out of a bowl by herself, using her horns to fend off anyone brave enough to try to get her food. Moo Moo however, just muscles her way in and eats the food.

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