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Charlie is a sweet and spicy Miniature Donkey. We don't know for sure, but we think he was born around September 2017. He loves to be brushed but still wants to chase you and nip at your legs every now and then. He's a lot of fun to run with, play ball with, and to watch him with the other animals. We rescued Charlie from someone who found caring for him was more than they bargained for, plus they kept him by himself in a small pen. We traveled to Dora, Alabama to pick him up, which is a little over an hour from us. We just lifted Charlie into the van and headed back to the farm. Sweet Charlie left us 2 loads of poop in the van and man was it stout smelling. Once we got to the farm, we opened the side door on the van and Charlie jumped out. He took one quick glance around then took off running, jumping and kicking, and having a grand old time in our big pasture. He seems to like the rain as he never uses his loafing shed except when we put sweet feed in it. It can be raining buckets and he'll just stand out there like a statue. Maybe he doesn't have much sense after all... Anyway, we love Charlie and we're glad he's happy here at Tabernacle Farm.


Mary is a sweet Jerusalem miniature donkey. When she came to us she had been with a male for the previous month. Hopefully she is expecting, all indications are that she is. The gestation time for a miniature donkey is 11.5 - 13 months. So we are thinking February 2020 is her due time. She is very gentle and allows us to pet her all the time. However, when she is tired of Charlie messing with her or wants him to allow her to get to the food bowl, she has been known to kick up her heals. There could be an issue with her teeth as it seems that she struggles to chew it up.

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