How To Find Us

We are located in the city of Brent, Alabama in Bibb County.  We are approximately 30 miles southeast of Tuscaloosa, approximately 55 miles southwest of Birmingham and approximately 75 miles northwest of Montgomery.  Our address is 177 Tabernacle Rd, Brent AL 35034 and we are easy to spot from the road.  If you are using GPS to find us, just search for "Tabernacle Farm Brent" and it will bring you right to us.  If you search for our address, some GPS units will take you to the wrong end of Tabernacle Road.  Click here to see a map of our location.  Our phone is 205-340-1660 or 205-358-2785.

What We Need

We used our personal funds to build a house on the property for us to live in.  With what was left, we were able to fence in several acres and build a few small shelters.  We still need to build barns, larger shelters, coops and more fencing for our animals.  All of that is expensive and we need your help and support.  You can donate to Tabernacle Farm via PayPal.  Paypal will show “Thomas Winegard” as that is Jerry’s first name.  Your donations go a long way in our effort to care for our farm animals and to expand.  We truly appreciate your help, so please consider donating monthly via Patreon or one time via PayPal.
Jerry and Cynthia

Want To See The Farm Animals?
We have 2 pygmy goats, 9 fainting goats, 2 St. Croix sheep, 2 AMHA registered miniature horses, 1 registered Scottish Highland cow, 1 miniature Zebu bull, and 24 chickens on our farm.  We'll take you right up to the fence where you can see all the animals and if you like, we will let you pet and feed them.  If you've never hugged a horse before, you are missing out.  Have you ever had a goat nibble on your fingers?  Do you want to let a farm animal eat out of your hand?  You can do all of this by arranging a visit to the farm where we will accompany you into the pasture to let you experience the life of farm animals first hand.  Don't wear your good shoes as you just might step in some poop.  We don't charge for this but donations to help cover the cost of feed are appreciated.

If you really take a liking to one of our animals, you may sponsor one (or more).  By sponsoring, you are helping, on a monthly basis, to provide them with food, shelter, supplies, veterinary care and more. To find out more about sponsoring an animal on our farm, click here.

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